Smart Personal Safety for Smart People

POM Safe is our tested, trusted personal keychain alarm and app for students and faculty both on and off-campus.

Providing Campus Safety For

Student Focused Feaures

POM Enterprise plans come with extra features to tailor the POM system to your organization’s needs.

Immediate Call Response

Talk to an emergency dispatcher (your security team or our 24/7 Emergency Call Center) directly through the POM.

Save Precious Seconds

The POM sends your profile info and current location to emergency responders when an alert is activated.

Instant Call & Text

The POM can send a prewritten text or automatically start a call at the touch of a button.

The Perfect Excuse

Discreetly trigger a fake call to your phone to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Find My Things

Find your POM directly within your app with a loud ring and distance indicator.

Personal Bodyguard Mode

Set a virtual walking escort to make sure you arrive safely.

Mass Message Broadcast

Quickly send a mass broadcast to all POM owners instantly.

Is This Thing On?

Tap the POM once for a vibration that confirms connection is active.

The POM Safe System

1. Tap 3 Times

A two way call connects you to the POM EMS response team

2. Alert Started

The dispatcher sees your location and profile information on the dashboard

3. Help Arrives

The dispatcher sees your location and profile information on the dashboard

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

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Protecting your students and staff is paramount.

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