POM Safe Profile: Sage University Student Alexandria Iglesia

Thousands of students in the US rely on POM for safety. One of them is Alexandria Iglesia, a sophomore at Sage University. Read on for exactly why she’s headed back to school with the POM.

What’s your favorite POM feature? 

My favorite POM feature is being able to have a choice of who to reach out to if I’m in danger. The POM device provides me with more options to contact someone besides Public Safety if I’m in need of help. Personally, I have my mother as that contact, and the POM will send a text message to her if I indicate that I’m in an unsafe situation. My mom and I have a code, and if she receives that code she knows I need help.

When do you normally use your POM?

I use my POM all the time! It’s on when I arrive to campus and I also use it when I go with friends or even by myself. If I’m out by myself i feel so much safer with it device with me. It provides me and my family a piece of mind.

What’s your favorite place to keep your POM (on your lanyard, keychain, bag etc)?

I typically keep my POM device with my keys. My keys are always with me and so is my POM. 

How does POM improve your sense of personal safety?

It definitely gives my family and me peace of mind when I’m out and about. I’m just a click away to safety.