The POM System

How It Works

The POM 

The POM is a keychain sized button made of lightweight but durable plastic. The discreet button is sleek and easy to push.

The POM Safe App

The POM Safe App connects to the POM and shows the POM status and includes a number of useful features.

The POM Dispatcher

Get help anywhere 24/7. The POM dispatcher is ready to get you the right help you need when you need it most. 

Enterprise plans can choose to use their own security teams to be the dispatchers and first responders

How It Works

How It Works

The POM has two main button patterns. Triple Tap for emergency help and One-Hold to activate custom features.

How It Works

Triple Tap

How It Works

Tap The POM Three times to activate an emergency alert

  • Talk directly to the dispatcher through the POM.
  • The Dispatcher sees your GPS location and profile info

Help is sent directly to your location

The dispatcher will stay on the call with you until help arrives.

How It Works

One Hold

How It Works

Press and hold the POM to activate one of the many customizable features:

Auto Text
Send a pre-written message with your location

Auto Call:
Start a call to a preset contact and send your location.

Fake Phone Call:
Send a fake call to your phone to get out of an awkward situation.

POM Personal Features

The POM has a number of useful features to enhance your peace of mind.

How It Works

Fake Phone Call

Discreetly send a fake phone call to your phone to get out of an awkward situation.

How It Works

Auto Text

Press and hold to send an automatic, pre-written message with your GPS location to a friend.

How It Works

Auto Call

Press and hold to automatically speed dial a friend for help.

How It Works

Walking Escort

Set the POM Safe app to act as a virtual walking escort. The app can alert help if you don’t make it to your destination.

How It Works

Silent Mode

Set the POM to silent mode to alert help without anyone knowing. The microphone is turned on so the dispatcher can hear what’s happening.

How It Works

In App Tutorials

Get quick tips and instructions on the best way to use the POM and POM Safe app.

POM Enterprise Features

POM Enterprise plans come with extra features to tailor the POM system to your organization’s needs. 

How It Works


Send company wide updates and notifications directly to the app.

How It Works

Mass Broadcast

Instantly send out a mass text or message through the POM to your entire team in the event of an emergency.

How It Works

The POM User Manager

Manage users and custom settings with the admin backend. Monitor usage, send alerts and mass broadcasts in an emergency 

How It Works

The POM Command Center

Get access to the customizable POM Command Center the brains behind the POM System.

How It Works

Appointment Verification/Scheduling

Let your staff check into and out of appointments. Users can also track and manage appointments on the in-app schedule.