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Workplace Violence Statistics for Home Care Workers

Up to 61% of home health employees have experienced workplace violence…

…and 21% have experienced direct physical violence.

They are 5x more likely to be assaulted than other industries…

…and are assaulted more frequently than police officers and prison guards.


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Emergency Dispatcher

24/7 access to emergency dispatcher who can talk to you through the POM and see your location and profile information.

Auto Text A Friend

Auto text sends a prewritten message and sends your current location to a specified contact.

Auto Call A Friend

Auto call will dial a preset number at the tap of the POM.

Fake Call

Get a fake phone call to your phone to avoid an awkward situation.


Locate your keys or bag with the POM Safe app.

Walking Escort

Get a virtual walking escort to arrive at your destination safely

Silent Call

Activate an alert discreetly to summon help without anyone knowing

3 Ways to Reduce

Workplace Violence


In the event of an emergency the POM system can quickly and efficiently get help to the user’s location. Unlike 911 or other hotlines the POM transmits vital location and profile information along with a two-way call that is established between the POM device and the dispatcher.


POM can help before a situation becomes a serious danger or emergency. Use the POM’s many customizable features to get the right help for your situation. You can send an auto text or start an auto call that also shares your location. Quietly send a fake phone call to your phone to excuse yourself from an uncomfortable situation.


Simply carrying the POM on your key-chain or other visible location acts as a deterrent against unwanted attention or attack. Assaults are much less likely to occur while carrying a panic button that can summon help instantly.

VNS Westchester Acknowledged for Using POM
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For our home care staff, the patients’ homes are their workplaces. With thousands of patient visits each year, staff may sometimes find themselves in volatile situations both inside the home or when visiting unfamiliar or unsafe areas, threatening their sense of security. Staff may encounter unstable patients or family members, potentially dangerous pets, or observe signs of abuse or domestic violence in the home. Environmental hazards, such as unsafe or unsanitary conditions, may also require emergency aid.  With the POM security device, we’re taking our staff safety program to the next level by embracing rapid response technology that will connect them to the critical aid they need when they need it.

Tim Leddy

CEO, VNS Westchester


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