Empower Your Workforce

No matter where your people are, on the road, at home, or in the office, give them the tools to proactively stay safe. Build a stronger workforce DEI program with workplace safety.

Protecting Your Employees Is Your Competitive Advantage

While diversity and inclusion (D&I) is not a new topic, 2020 served as a wake-up call for companies to reexamine their diversity and inclusion efforts. Today, workplace diversity is more essential than ever.

POM Safe provides a set of proactive and immediate safety tools for mobile workers, remote workers, and diverse employees that strengthens your brand and competitive edge.

And Your Customers Are Noticing

Consumers are more likely to buy from companies with a proven commitment to diversity and inclusion. Increasingly, laws and legislation are being enacted to promote diversity at work. Keeping your workforce safe is smart business.

Make Hiring Easier & Reduce Turnover

Leadership needs to demonstrate impact in order for employees to feel empowered. If the organization does not evolve, then it risks the cost of losing talent and struggling to attract the right people. With POM Safe, you can build an effective DEI program, while making sure your people are protected.

What is POM Safe

The POM is a one-touch safety device that can connect you to help instantly. Whether your staff is out in the field, commuting to the office, or around campus, POM can keep your team safe.

The POM Safe System

Step 1

Tap the POM three times (3x)

Step 2

Talk to the dispatcher through the POM Dispatcher gets your location Dispatcher sees your profile

Step 3

Help arrives at your location

POM Features

• 2 Way Emergency Call

Talk to an emergency dispatcher (your security team or our 24/7 Emergency Call Center). directly through the POM.

• Sends Location & Profile

The POM sends your profile info and current location to emergency responders when an alert is activated.

• Auto Call & Auto Text

The POM can send a prewritten text or automatically start a call at the touch of a button.

• Fake Call

Get a fake call to your phone to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

• Key Finder

The POM can ring to help you find your keys

• Walking Escort

Set a virtual walking escort to make sure you arrive safely.

• Mass Broadcast

Send a mass broadcast to all users instantly.

• Appointment Verification

Have your staff check in and out of appointments.

• One Tap Connection Test

Tap the POM once for a vibration to check the connection.

• +More Customizable Features

Create custom features specific to your team's needs

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

Why POM?

A faster, easier, more reliable way of keeping your employees connected to the help they need

Emergency Call

With the push of a button, the POM will instantly connect with local police or designated dispatcher, sending live GPS location and personal profile of the employee.

Silent Alarm

The POM can be activated in silent mode, allowing your employees to initiate an alert without tipping off perpetrators and potentially making matters worse.

International SOS

Traveling abroad for a project or vacation? In an emergency, the POM will automatically call the “911 equivalent” in that country.

Walking Escort

Get a virtual escort to the parking garage, subway, or back home after happy hour. If working alone, simply set a timer to queue up an alert.

Audio Recordings

All calls are recorded so you can go back to better understand the incident and generate reports.

Text A Friend

Send a silent text message to a friend or colleague with live GPS location. Sometimes the best response is a low-key one.

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