We find that POM is faster and more discreet than calling 911 with a phone. In addition, the dispatcher has more information to help accordingly.

The POM is faster because it is easier to just triple tap the POM rather than fumbling with a phone in a situation of distress. The dispatcher can then see your location and profile information where they can determine which help to send you (eg Ambulance, Firefighters, or Police). Our dispatchers will also not forward your call to another call center, which can happen with 911 calls. They will talk to you through the POM and help you right away.

The POM is also more discreet than calling 911 through a smartphone. It is small on your key chain and can be set into silent mode. Then it doesn’t make any sound and your surroundings may not recognize it. In uncomfortable neighborhoods, you also might not want to have an expensive phone your hand to attract strangers. The POM is with your keys already and ready to be used.