How does POM know if dispatch police, firefighters or ambulance

When you triple tap the POM, a phone call begins on your cell phone but utilizes the POM as the microphone and speaker. That way, in an emergency you can speak with our call center and listen to them through the device itself. As a default, our call center will send...

How does POM compare to calling 911?

We find that POM is faster and more discreet than calling 911 with a phone. In addition, the dispatcher has more information to help accordingly. The POM is faster because it is easier to just triple tap the POM rather than fumbling with a phone in a situation of...

How far does POM have to be from smartphone to work?

Bluetooth can stay connected with a range of 30 feet and up to 100 feet. This depends on where you are and if Bluetooth is accessible. For example, certain buildings can limit bluetooth range. We have a feature in our app, however, that can alert you any time you...

How does the POM locate me?

POM uses your phone’s location technology during, and only during, an emergency alert. Current phones use GPS, WPS and cellular triangulation and smartphones upgrade the technology on a constant basis.

So if my smartphone is not with me how would the POM work?

If you don’t have your phone with you, unfortunately the POM won’t work as intended. The POM connects to your phone using bluetooth and utilizes your phone’s location technology (GPS etc) and makes calls from your phone through the POM device itself.