Do I have to put the POM on my keychain?

You can put the POM anywhere you want! Room keys, apartment keys and car keys are the most common, however it is not unusual to keep the POM attached to a wallet, purse, clutch, bra strap, shoes, belt, or lanyard. Be creative!

Is the POM a tracking device?

No. We greatly value and respect your privacy and your safety. The POM is not a tracking device in the sense that other people can track your whereabouts if you have one. The location tracking functionality is solely for licensed safety officers and law enforcement...

Is the POM waterproof?

The Gen 2 POM is water resistant. This means it can withstand some rainfall, humidity, dust, and dirt. It is not waterproof and cannot be submerged under water.  

How long is the battery life of the POM?

For iPhones, the battery life is 7-14 days, depending on usage. For Androids, the battery life is 5-10 days, depending on usage. We always recommend charging the POM ones or twice a week for 5 hours at a time to ensure strong battery life! The POM Safe app will notify...