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Realtors Using POM

Why Chrissy Uses POM

Why Darren Uses POM

The POM System

The POM Button

  • Small and Discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Connects Via Bluetooth to the POM Safe app
  • Long Lasting 7-10 Day Rechargeable Battery
  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in Microphone & Speaker

Currently available in the US only

The POM Safe App

  • Seamlessly Connects to the POM
  • Medical ID & Profile Manager
  • Fake Call
  • Auto Call & Auto Text
  • Virtual Walking Escort
  • Key Finder
  • Silent Mode

Get the POM Safe app on the App Store and Google Play

24/7 Emergency Dispatcher

  • Professional Response Center 
  • Enterprise plans can use own security team
  • Sends the right help for your emergency
  • 25 years of excellent service
  • Dispatches Fire, Police and EMS
  • Can see your location and profile information when activated

How It Works

The POM has two main button patterns.
Triple Tap for emergency help and One-Hold to activate custom features.

Triple Tap

Tap The POM Three times to activate an emergency alert

  • Talk directly to the dispatcher through the POM.
  • The Dispatcher sees your GPS location and profile info

Help is sent directly to your location

The dispatcher will stay on the call with you until help arrives.

One Hold


Press and hold the POM to activate one of the many customizable features:

Auto Text
Send a pre-written message with your location

Auto Call:
Start a call to a preset contact and send your location.

Fake Phone Call:
Send a fake call to your phone to get out of an awkward situation.

When To Use POM

  • In need of 24/7 emergency help
  • When showing or pre-viewing properties with new clients

  • Medical emergencies, accidents or allergic reaction
  • In case of robbery, assault, or physical danger
  • To check in with a friend to let them know you’re OK and send your location
  • When walking alone at night, to your car, or deserted places
  • In case you misplace your keys or bag
  • Need to contact a friend if you’re in distress or need their help

Emergency Alert

Tap the POM three times to activate the emergency alert. You will immediately be connected to a disptacther who will send help to your location.

Auto Text/

Auto Call

Press and hold to send an automatic, prewritten message with your GPS location to a friend.

Press and hold to automatically speed dial a friend for help.

Fake Call

Press and hold the POM to send a fake phone call to your phone. Perfect for excusing yourself from an awkward or uncomfortable situation.

Walking Escort

Set the POM Safe app to act as a virtual walking escort. The app can alert help if you don’t make it to your destination.

The app will remind you to cancel the walking escort before it sends an alert out. 


Key Finder

The POM App can locate your keys, bag, or whatever is attached to the POM.

Included With Subscription

24/7 Emergency Response

The POM Safe App for Android and iOS


Continuous System & App Upgrades

Walking Escort


Cancel Anytime

Send Location & Profile

Customer Support

Unlimited Auto Calls

Unlimited Auto Texts

Unlimited Fake Calls