We find that POM is faster and more discreet than calling 911 with a phone. In addition, the dispatcher has more information to help accordingly.

The POM is faster because it is easier to just triple tap the POM rather than fumbling with a phone in a situation of distress. The dispatcher can then see your location and profile information where they can determine which help to send you (eg Ambulance, Firefighters, or Police). Our dispatchers will also not forward your call to another call center, which can happen with 911 calls. They will talk to you through the POM and help you right away.

The POM is also more discreet than calling 911 through a smartphone. It is small on your key chain and can be set into silent mode. Then it doesn’t make any sound and your surroundings may not recognize it. In uncomfortable neighborhoods, you also might not want to have an expensive phone your hand to attract strangers. The POM is with your keys already and ready to be used.

Bluetooth can stay connected with a range of 30 feet and up to 100 feet. This depends on where you are and if Bluetooth is accessible. For example, certain buildings can limit bluetooth range. We have a feature in our app, however, that can alert you any time you disconnect from Bluetooth!

POM uses your phone’s location technology during, and only during, an emergency alert. Current phones use GPS, WPS and cellular triangulation and smartphones upgrade the technology on a constant basis.

If you don’t have your phone with you, unfortunately the POM won’t work as intended. The POM connects to your phone using bluetooth and utilizes your phone’s location technology (GPS etc) and makes calls from your phone through the POM device itself.

The POM CAN work with limited internet connection. The POM uses the cellular network to establish a call and the internet to send your location. If the internet connection is limited the call can still go out to the call center. Sending location also doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth so if there is only a little bit of a connection the location can be send out to the call center as well.

You can put the POM anywhere you want! Room keys, apartment keys and car keys are the most common, however it is not unusual to keep the POM attached to a wallet, purse, clutch, bra strap, shoes, belt, or lanyard. Be creative!

Absolutely not! Under no circumstances can anyone track your location through the POM.

No. We greatly value and respect your privacy and your safety. The POM is not a tracking device in the sense that other people can track your whereabouts if you have one. The location tracking functionality is solely for licensed safety officers and law enforcement personnel. Even then, they are only able to see your location when you activate an emergency alert. Once you are confirmed safe, and there is no further need for law enforcement to track your location, your personal alert is resolved and your location is no longer tracked.

The Gen 2 POM is water resistant. This means it can withstand some rainfall, humidity, dust, and dirt. It is not waterproof and cannot be submerged under water.


For iPhones, the battery life is 7-14 days, depending on usage. For Androids, the battery life is 5-10 days, depending on usage. We always recommend charging the POM ones or twice a week for 5 hours at a time to ensure strong battery life! The POM Safe app will notify you if the battery gets low.

No. The POM requires a Bluetooth connection to a phone to perform all of its capabilities.

Yes, but don’t wait around too long as there is a limited supply. Visit your appropriate safety office to swap out your Gen 1 for the Gen 2!

Yes. The Gen 1/Gen 2 POM and all of its features are still functional. However, we strongly recommend that you exchange it for the new POM 3 POM. Some of the features that are exclusive to the POM 3. POM include ‘One Hold’, where you can fake a phone call to yourself or call and text a friend using the POM. The key-finding feature and the battery life have also been improved!

You can pick up your new POM at your school or organizations safety or security office during their hours of operation. You will need to provide them with ID and the email receipt you received upon purchase.

Your privacy and your safety are of utmost importance to us. Law enforcement or POM will never track or follow you unless you device or mobile app is triggered. Only once the alert is triggered will your location data be transmitted to law enforcement. Once the alert is resolved, your location is no longer available to view.

The POM is a keychain-sized personal safety device that instantly and discretely connects you with friends, family or the nearest emergency responders.

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Account related


Be sure to check your text messages AND your email inbox. Check your spam folder too! After 5 minutes, if no confirmation code is received, close out the POM app and re-open it. Create a new account and make sure that your email address and phone number are entered correctly. You should receive a confirmation code shortly thereafter. If you still don’t receive the code, still, please email support at with the subject “Confirmation Code”. Please include your name, phone number, and the email address you used to create your profile.

Congratulations! Next step is to download the POM College app and create an account. Search ‘POM Safe’ in the App Store or Google Play Store, download the app for free, and open the app to create an account. While creating your account, the app will guide you through the process of pairing the POM to your phone. Do NOT attempt to pair the POM to your phone without following the in-app instructions.

If your account is deleted you will immediately get a text and email notification informing you the account has been deactivated. If you attempt to make an emergency call with your POM, you will hear a message stating your account is inactive and please call 911. If your account should not have been deleted or it was a mistake, you can simply create a ‘new’ account using all of your information. Follow the same connection steps and you will now be active again.

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How to use the POM


Please email POM support at with the subject “POM not charging”. In your email, please include your name, email address and phone number associated with the account as well as an explanation of the issues you are having and what you have tried to get it to turn on.

Make sure you have an Android with version 3.0.6 or higher installed on your phone. Disconnect the POM Audio connection from your phone via Bluetooth settings and plug the POM in to charge for 10 seconds. Reconnect the POM to your phone using POM Audio Bluetooth. Calls and music should now default to your phone’s audio system rather than the POM.

For iPhone users, YES! Both POM Data and POM Audio will need to be connected to properly use the POM. For Android users, NO! Android users only need to connect POM Audio. However, always follow the steps detailed in the app regardless of the phone you have.

If you are having trouble connecting your POM to your phone, click on the ‘Troubleshooting’ button in your app. This will prompt you to forget “POM Data” (iPhones only) and “POM Audio” in your Bluetooth settings. Hold the center button and the side button down for 10 seconds to reset your POM. The POM will now be powered down.

Turn your POM back on and attempt to connect again.

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  1. Hold the emergency button and side button down simultaneously for 10 seconds. You will hear the POM say “Reset” and “Shut Down”.
  2. If the device doesn’t react on any button activity, please plug the device in to charge. This will reset the device as well.

If the location services are turned off on your phone, emergency calls can still be placed to law enforcement and your profile will be able to be viewed. However, your GPS location will not be displayed on the dispatch software. In the event that this happens, the dispatcher may ask you to verbally confirm your location. To avoid this, make sure your location services are always turned on in the event you need to make an emergency call.

If you accidentally make a call, communicate clearly and quickly to the emergency responder that your call is a false alarm. The law enforcement officer is trained on how to handle false alerts and expects they may happen once in a while. Please communicate that there is not an emergency and that you do not require assistance.

First, clip the POM to your keychain. If your keys go missing, you can utilize your POM to help you find them! Open the POM app and go to ‘POM Settings’. Select ‘Ring POM’ and your POM will start ringing and vibrating. This will help you locate your misplaced keys. Please note, if the ‘Silent Mode’ is toggled on in your settings, the POM will not ring. Turn this feature off before trying to ring your POM.

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With the POM on and connected, tap the center button three times. This will initiate a voice call* through your phone and the POM’s speakers. The POM will send your profile and GPS location to a law enforcement officer. If you are calling outside our your geofence**, the POM will automatically call the nearest 911 dispatcher.

*If your POM is in silent mode, a one-way call will be made. A dispatcher can hear you, but you will not hear them. This is to ensure quick and discreet calls when necessary.

**The geofence is the geographical location your organization has set with POM to ensure calls are routed to the appropriate number.

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Click on the menu and go to the ‘POM.ME’ section of the app. Click on the ‘Call a Friend’ and ‘Text a Friend’ features to set them up. You can select which contact you want the calls and texts to go to. After setting up the contact, make sure to toggle the feature ON. Under the text feature, you can customize a message as well as send your location along with the text to your friend. Hold down the center button for one vibration and your call and/or text will be initiated. Please note, you cannot have both ‘Call a Friend’ AND ‘Fake Call’ activated at the same time. You can, however, have the ‘Text a Friend’ feature activated at all times with one of the call options.

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Click on the menu in your app and go to the ‘POM.ME’ section. Toggle on the ‘Fake Call’ feature to activate it. Hold down the center button for one vibration and a call will be initiated to your phone for you to answer. You can use this as an excuse to get out of an awkward or uncomfortable situation! You can save the number in your phone so when the call comes through, you can see who is “calling you”.

Please note, you cannot have both ‘Call a Friend’ and ‘Fake Call’ Activated at the same time. You can, however, have the ‘Text a Friend’ feature activated at all times in combination with one of the call options.

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Tap the center button once. If the POM vibrates, then it is on and properly connected to your phone. If the POM doesn’t vibrate, it is not connected. If your POM is in your pocket, this is an easy way to check if you are connected without looking at your phone. You can also always tell if the POM is properly connected by checking the settings in the POM app. As soon as the POM disconnects, the light ring will start blinking.

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The POM can be connected to a phone in two ways – via a data connection and an audio connection. On iOS devices, the POM is connected via both data and audio, while with Android devices, the POM is only connected via audio. Both apps will walk you through the process of how to connect the device.

Click here to watch a video.


1. Hold device over your phone’s screen

2. Turn the device on by holding the side button down for one vibration.

3. The phone will prompt you to pair with the device. Please select “Pair”

4. The POM will start ringing and you will have to confirm that you POM rang. If you don’t hear the POM ring, you will be taken through the Troubleshooting process to restart the POM and try again.

5. Once you confirm that your POM rang, the device will prompt you to connect the audio bluetooth in your settings.

6. Please go to your Bluetooth settings and select ‘POM xxx Audio’.

7. Once both data and audio are connected, the POM is ready to use.


1. Turn the device on by holding the side button down for one vibration. The device will say, “power on”.

2. Follow the prompt in the app to connect the audio bluetooth to your phone.

3. Go to your Bluetooth settings, make sure Bluetooth is on and search for “POM xxxx Audio”. Select it and return to your app.

4. The POM will start ringing and you will have to confirm that you POM rang. If you don’t hear the POM ring, you will be taken through the Troubleshooting process to restart the POM and try again.

5. You are now connected

To turn ON, hold the side button down until it vibrates once. The device will say “power on”. To turn OFF, while the device is on hold the side button down until it vibrates once. Release the side button for 1 second, and then hold the side button down again until it vibrates and says, “shut down”

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