Hello, and Welcome to POM Safe 👋💪

Congratulations on receiving your new POM and taking a proactive step in protecting your safety and peace of mind.

Let’s get you familiar with your POM.

Lasts up to 10 Days Between Charges

Let’s Start By Charging Your POM

Open the charging port cover located on the bottom of the POM and plug in the supplied USB power cable. Power can be from your computer USB port or any standard powered USB plug.

Your POM Combines Active Safety Features That Keep You Protected No Matter the Situation


Your Precise Location

911 dispatch uses cellular triangulation to determine your location, this is not always accurate and can cost valuable time. POM Response has your precise GPS co-ordinates everytime.


Hi, Are You OK?

Connect with a trained emergency dispatcher in a few seconds. Talk directly through your POM, with a loudspeaker and microphone that’s also an effective deterrent against any would-be attacker.


24/7 Protection

Our trained POM Response team is ready for any situation 24/7. No matter the reason, whether it’s to talk, report something you’re seeing, or a direct emergency – we’re here for you.

Additional Perks You Get With Your POM Subscription


Virtual Escort Guardian

Going for a run? Or a night out? Set a time/location that requires your check-in. Failure to check-in alerts POM Response with your precise location. Available for All Subscribers.


Fake Call & Text Trigger

Discreetly trigger a fake call or text to your phone so you can get out of any situation. Available for All Subscribers.


Where Are My Things?

Use the free POM Safe app to locate your POM and whatever it’s attached to or in! Available for All Subscribers.


Lifetime Warranty

The POM is built to withstand all that life throws at it. That said, have additional peace of mind with a lifetime warranty against breakage or defect. Available for all Subscribers.


Free Lost/Stolen Replacement

Life happens. If you lose your POM for any reason, we’ll replace it at no charge. Available for Quarterly & Annual Subscribers Only.


Gift a Free POM!

That’s right, you get to give the gift of POM to those you care about. We’ll send out a Free POM on your behalf. Available for Quarterly & Annual Plan Subscribers Only.

Start Personalizing Your POM

Setup the POM Safe App & Connect Your POM 

Hi, This is POM Response. Are You OK?

Making Your First POM Response Call

 (Requires Subscription)

Getting Your POM Ready

Setting Up One Hold Actions

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