Your Personal Safety Deserves More Than a Horn.

Say hello to POM Safe.

The smarter personal safety alarm, designed for the challenges we face every day. With POM, you can proactively be safer at work and play.


How POM Safe Works


Tap the POM

three times (3x)


Talk to the dispatcher through the POM

Dispatcher gets your location

Dispatcher sees your profile 


Help arrives

at your location

Features Highlight


Auto call & Auto Text

Automatically send a text message or start a phone call to a preset number at the touch of a button.

Fake Call

Get a fake call to your phone to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Key Finder

The POM can ring to help you find your keys along with an appoximate distance.

Walking Escort

Get a virtual escort to the parking garage, subway, or back home after happy hour. If working alone, simply set a timer to queue up an alert.

One Tap Connection Test

Tap the POM once for a vibration to check the connection.


Silent Alarm

The POM can be activated in silent mode, allowing you to initiate an alert without tipping off perpetrators and potentially making matters worse.


Discreet Mode

Send a silent text message to a friend or colleague with live GPS location. Sometimes the best response is a low-key one.


Long Lasting Battery

The POM button lasts between 7-10 days in standby on a single charge.

Medical ID

Store critical medical conditions and information on your POM Safe profile so that emergency response knows exactly how to help.


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Chat with a POM specialist.

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It definitely gives my family and I a piece of mind when I’m out and about away from their connection. I’m just a click away to safety.


Student, Sage College

As a realtor, I’m usually working alone showing houses or meeting with clients so it’s nice to have POM for extra backup in case of emergency.


Real Estate Agent

It just makes you feel safe. You just hit a button and someone comes to help.

Mary Valentine

Student, Sage College

With the POM I feel more comfortable to go into neighborhoods I don’t know.

Lauren Dudas

Traveling Physical Therapist

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