Setup with iPhones

watch the video or follow the instructions


  • Download our app in the App Store ‘POM College’. The app will walk you through the setup process.
  • Make sure that your POM is charged.


Create an Account

Select “Create Account”

Fill In your information and select “Next”

Accept the Terms and Conditions by scrolling down and select ‘Accept’

Confirm your account by typing in the 4 digit code you will receive on your phone. If you don’t receive a code, check you email. If you didn’t receive an email or text message, please create a new account.

Select GEN2

Connect you POM

Hold the side button down for one vibration. The POM will say ‘Power On’. Then tap the side button THREE times. The POM will say ‘searching data connection’.

Select ‘Scan’ and wait for 10 seconds.

When prompted select ‘Pair’

Your POM will start ringing. Confirm that it is your POM.

Your POM is not in ‘audio connection mode’. Please select ‘Bluetooth Settings’ to go to your Bluetooth Settings.

In your ‘Bluetooth Settings’ wait until you see your POM xxxx Audio in the list of ‘Other Devices’. Select it.

Your are now connected 🙂

Make a Test Call

When you see this screen, tap the Center Button THREE times. Your POM will initiate a call without reaching emergency responders. It will say ‘You have made a successful test call, please say your name and then hang up.’

Complete your profile or login.