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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why POM Safe?

POM (Peace of Mind) was founded in 2015 with one purpose, to keep people safe. We develop and build our own hardware and software technologies with a unique approach to safety. People are safer with proactive and immediate emergency response tools that don’t require unlocking a phone or waiting on 911.

What is the Virtual Escort Feature?

The Virtual Escort feature allows you to set an optional destination address and timer. As you travel to your destination the countdown timer begins. See it in action.

What is the Fake Call Feature?

The Fake Call feature was designed as a deescalation tool, or as a convent way to remove yourself from awkward or uncomfortable situations. See it in action.

What is the POM Safe Self Defense Keychain?

POM Safe is a smart device that’s connected to your android or iphone via bluetooth. Compact and discreet, it can be put in a pocket or attached to a bag. Clicking the POM button 3-times will connect call emergency dispatch, who will see the caller profile information saved in the app along with a precise gps location. Conversations can happen without using the phone as the POM has a built in 2-way speaker. Click and hold the POM button for 5 seconds to trigger a fake call. 

The Battery lasts upto 10 days on a single charge.

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POM Safe Protects Howard University Students and Staff

"We’re taking our staff safety program to the next level by embracing rapid response technology that will connect them to the critical aid they need when they need it."

– Tim Leddy, CEO VNS Westchester

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