POM Safe Interview with Tracey Hawkins

Tracey Hawkins! “Tracey, the Safety Lady” is an entrepreneur, real estate agent and safety expert that travels around the country educating people and companies about personal security,

Meet Tracey Hawkins. “Tracey, the Safety Lady” is an entrepreneur, real estate agent, and safety expert that travels around the country educating people and companies about personal security, home security, and auto safety on the road. We sat down with Tracey to learn more about her passion and thoughts on POM Safe as a personal safety device for individuals as well as mobile workforce employees in real estate, retail, customer service, and home health workers.

POM: Can you tell us about yourself? 

I have spent over 24 years traveling the country teaching people to live and work safely. As a former real estate agent, I also specialize in real estate and home health safety training. I write professionally for the National Association of REALTORS(R). I appear on live TV and share innovative safety and security products. 

POM: Why is safety important to you and how did you become “Tracey, the Safety Lady”?

I wanted to start a business that helps people and one that not a lot of people can do. As a content creator, I write articles about safety and create classes and programs that teach agents how to work safely – from screening, to open houses, to using social media safely. I am a safety product guru and always looking for innovative, effective products. 

POM: Why did you choose POM Safe as an effective tool for mobile workers?

In my position, I am often approached to sell products to agents. I vet them carefully and not many pass my test. POM did! The company has a solid track record, excellent customer service, and most importantly, the product works! It does what it says it will do. I like the reliability since people count on it to possibly save their lives. 

POM: When we attend your safety seminar, what should we expect?

I teach real estate agents how to make more money working safely, by adding value to the relationships with the consumers: sellers, buyers, and FSBOs. I created takeaways for them to use in their marketing. I have a workshop where I teach brokers, managers, and owners how to not get sued. They learn how to protect their office, its contents, the people inside and they get an office safety policy handbook to help reduce their liability.

POM: During your safety seminars, what do you tell people about POM? 

When speaking, I get the opportunity to explain what people should look for in a safety app/device. I discuss how the POM has many features that agents need: it allows you to call for help and have law enforcement show up. There is a key locator, text a friend, and a walking escort feature which means you will never be alone. 

POM: What’s your favorite POM feature? 

I absolutely love the 24/7 live command center assistance feature. This sets it apart from many apps that rely on sending distress signals to an emergency contact list of people who may not be alert and aware. The live voice on the other end is professional and responsive.

POM: When do you normally use your POM Safe device?

I have my POM Safe on my keyring, so it always goes wherever I go. I don’t have to worry about not being able to find it. It is always on standby. 

POM: How does POM Safe improve your sense of personal safety? 

I travel quite a bit and cannot always take my pepper spray everywhere, but the POM goes everywhere! When out at night, I feel comforted that I have a way to get help if I feel that I am in danger. It truly offers peace of mind. 

POM: Do you have any other safety tips for people to improve their personal safety?

I advise everyone to utilize the number of safety tools that all animals in nature possess, but humans typically ignore their gut, intuition, 6th sense, and instinct. This built-in survival mechanism is hardly ever wrong and can save a life. It needs to be listened to and respected.

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