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Not all situations require an emergency response. POM Bright is our real-life tested solution: Smart safety can help deter and de-escalate threats, with emergency response as the last resort.


Designed and made by POM Safe in the USA, the compact POM Smart Device can be attached to a keychain, put in a bag, or tucked into your pocket. It's made of lightweight but durable plastic, with a button that is easy to access but designed to avoid false alerts, and packed with features.

Your POM Bright has a visible LED ring that provides device state feedback as well as active deterrence when triggered. It can make emergency dispatch directly through the device 2-way speaker system, completely eliminating the need to use a phone.

Power lasts up to 10 days between charges.

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Device Features

Works Without a Phone

SIM-enabled service allows for independent use

Two-Way Comms

Speak directly to emergency dispatch through the POM

Small & Discreet

Attaches to a keychain, bag, or belt loop—or just tuck into a pocket

Long Life

Power lasts up to 10 days between charges

Silent Status

LED status & alert ring

Made in the USA

Designed and made by POM Safe in the USA


Press the POM button three times to activate an emergency alert

1. Tap the POM 3x

A two way call connects you to the POM EMS response team

2. Alert Started

The dispatcher sees your location and profile information on the dashboard

3. Help Arrives

Help is sent directly to your precise location

Press and Hold

Press and hold the POM to activate one of the many customizable features:

Auto Text

Send a pre-written message with precise GPS location


24/7 VIP Access to private dispatcher and emergency responders

Fake Phone Call

Send an incoming call to your phone, providing a way to exit an uncomfortable situation

Success Stories and Testimonials

Success Stories and Testimonial

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