Mobile Protection For Gig Workers

Immediate Mobile Safety Protection for Delivery Workers

Protect your delivery workers from robbery and assault with the innovative, easy-to-use POM button.

Delivery Worker Stats


Nearly 20% of all workplace fatalities are delivery drivers


Of all gig workers are in transportation and warehousing


Of all crimes reported by delivery drivers are robberies, followed by assault

POM Safe Provides Situation Deescalation and Response

Key features

POM Safe

Standard Solutions

Panic Trigger

Mobile POM Smart Device

With iPhone & Android App

Either App Only

Or Single Function Panic Button

Deescalation Decoy Call Trigger

Not Available

Location & Time Based Auto Check In

Manual Check In

Scheduling with Auto Alert on Failed Check In

Not Available

Talk to Dispatch through Device Only

Not Available


Multi mode Bluetooth with proximaty tracking

No On Premise Installation Needed

Phone or On Premise Installation

iPhone & Android App

Send Push Notifications

Not Available

Deesclate & Response Protection

Panic Only

Alert Management Dashboard

Intuitive Device and Alert Management Dashboard with Optional Call Center Module


Not Available

Single Sign On (SSO) Integration

Not Available

Geofenced Protection Zones

Not Available

Low Maintenance

Not Available

People & Workforce Training

Not Available

Customer Support

Hardware & Software Designed InHouse. Made in the USA.

Not Available

3 Step Situation Management Against Potential Threats

Active Threat Deterrant

Simply carrying the POM device on a lanyard or key-chain, other visible location acts as a deterrent against unwanted attention or attack. Assaults are much less likely to occur while carrying a panic button that can summon help instantly.

Deescalating Possible Threatening Situations

POM can help before a situation becomes a serious danger or emergency. Press and hold the POM Buttn to trigger a fake phone call or send a silent alert to alert security staff. Most situations can be deescalated without last resort panic response.

Set the number and contact in the POM Safe App and trigger a fake call to your phone when you need to remove yourself from a situation

Immediate Response Across Dispatch Teams

3 Taps of the POM Button initiates the emergency call mode. Calls can be routed to your security teams or POM Response dispatch based on location. Unlike 911 or other hotlines the POM transmits vital location and profile information along with a two-way call that is established between the POM device and the dispatcher.

POM Safe In Action

Smarter Protection For Delivery

Protecting your delivery workers reduces turnover, improves the customer experience, and provides your people peace of mind.

Feel free to schedule a call to talk with our team about how POM Safe solutions may be a fit for your people.


Rethinking Immediate Delivery Worker Safety

Easy-to-use technology

The most effective tools are the easiest to use. POM Safe is designed for no fuss simplicity whenever the moment calls.

Proactive safety first

Most incidents can be descalated before they become an issue. Effective safety is more than a panic button.

Where your people are

Things can happen anywhere, at anytime. POM Safe is provides safety no matter where your people are.

No on premise installation

We designed POM Safe to be as easy to rollout to your people as it is to use. No hardware installs, no network changes.

Built for people

POM Safe is trusted by consumers all over the US. We’ve designed our technology to be effective for all types of people.

Location is context

POM Safe provides hands of protection with location check-in as well as geofenced alert management for your security team.

Trusted across industries

POM Safe is trusted by a diverse range of industries including healthcare, retail, education, corporate and logistics.

As flexible as your people

There’s no one size fits all solution. POM Safe is configurable to adapt to your organizations needs now and into the future.

Features for now and tomorrow

Talking of the future, we continuosly work on improving features and capabilities of POM Safe to ensure you keep your people safe.

POM Safe Proudly Protects

POM Safe Protects Howard University Students and Staff
Pineapple Express Delivery

Comparing POM Safe To Other Solutions

POM Safe vs Alert Media

POM Safe vs React Mobile

POM Safe vs ROAR for Good

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