Protect Your People With A Proven System

Two-way voice call, location and profile information

Two way voice call, location and profile information with a push of a button.The POM sends exact location of the worker, their profile, and starts a two-way voice call with security.

Mobile & Discreet

The POM is a mobile, discreet, panic button that can easily be clipped to a keychain or lanyard for immediate access.

Seamless in complex, fast-paced and constant environments

Hotel operations are complex, fast-paced and constant. The POM system is easy to implement and integrates with existing systems (HotSOS).


Percentage of Hotel Workers Sexually Harassed

Number of Violent Crimes in Hotels and Motels Annually

Number of Rooms Serviced Daily By a Housekeeper

The POM System


The POM provides easy access…

…to initiate a Voice Call, and send the Profile and…

…Indoor & Outdoor Location…

…to Appropriate Responder(s).

A key-chain size device, which you can clip on your keys or lanyard. It can be connected to you smartphone or tablet. If you actuate the in two ways to be able to contact and notify different responders.

When the POM is activated you can initiate a phone call to the responder(s). They will also receive your profile information.

The POM leverages the POM app to get GPS location coordinates and indoor location. The indoor location uses iBeacon & Wifi technology to map it towards your building. It is simple and easy to install.

We send all the information to the appropriate responder. You can setup the system to call and notify your security team, 911, our call center or friends and family.

More Features

Silent Alarm

The POM can be activated in silent mode, allowing your employees to initiate an alert without tipping off upset patients or family members and making matters worse.

Walking Escort

Get a virtual or in-person escort to the parking garage, subway station or next appointment. If working alone, simply set a timer to queue up an alert.

Audio Recordings

All calls are recorded so you can go back to better understand the incident and generate reports.