POM is a keychain-sized safety device that can instantly connect you to the help you need, when you need it.

Founded out of a Personal Incident


For us, this mission is personal. In 2012, we lost a dear friend to a random act of violence, a tragedy that may have been avoided if they had fast, accurate, and discreet access to emergency responders.

All our best,

AJ, Lukas & the POM team

Quick, Easy, And Discrete


The POM is a keychain sized button made of lightweight but durable plastic. The discreet button is sleek and easy to push. The POM has a battery life of 7 – 10 days. It also has a speaker and microphone included for two way voice communication with a dispatcher or friends/family.

The POM Safe App

The POM Safe App connects to the POM and shows the POM status and includes a number of useful features. It is available on Google Play and the App Store. 

Connected via Bluetooth

The POM is connected to the POM Safe App via Bluetooth with a range of 30ft – 100 ft.

How does it work?

Triple Tap


Triple Tap the POM to initiate a call to the 24/7 Emergency Call Center. They will receive your location and see your profile information such us contact information, medical ID and Emergency Contact.

One Hold


Press and Hold the POM for 5 seconds. The POM then can initiate a variety of options depedning on your personal settings in the POM SAfe App. It can iniate a call, text or an incoming fake phone call.

“I have the POM with me all the time. When I walk at alone or at night I can triple tap and POM is on the other end.”

Student in Boston


It definitely gives my family and I a piece of mind when I’m out and about away from their connection. I’m just a click away to safety.


Student, Sage College, NY

I am a young mother in the suburbs of New Jersey. With my twins my hands are always busy. With the POM I am reaching my husband quick and easy and he knows where I am.

Bethany, NJ

As a Realtor, I’m usually working alone showing houses or meeting with clients so it’s nice to have POM for extra backup in case of emergency. With AutoText I text my friend discreetly my location. 


Real Estate Agent, NY

With the POM I feel more comfortable to go into neighborhoods I don’t know. If it gets uncomfortable the Fake Phone Call helps me to get out discreetly. LaurenDudas – Traveling Physical Therapist, NJ

Emergency Call

Because you need Ambulance, Firefighters or Police

Triple tap the POM to get help anywhere in mainland US 24/7. The POM dispatcher is ready to get you the right help you need when you need it most. The dispatcher will be able to talk to you through the POM and will see your current location and profile information. The dispatcher will see your location until it your situation is resolved. In your profile, you will be able to include your name, picture, gender, DOB, health information, and emergency contact information. The Dispatcher will determine which help you need and will send Police, Fire fighters, or ambulance to your location. If they don’t hear back from you they will send the Police. 


Also Mention Rapid Response and linke them here https://rrms.com

Set the POM to silent mode to alert help without anyone knowing. The microphone is turned on so the dispatcher can hear what’s happening.


Because you need to reach a Friend/Family discreetly 

Press and hold to send an automatic, pre-written message with your GPS location to a friend.

Press and hold to automatically speed dial a friend for help.

Do we want to show an example how th elocation looks like? Or a person who is talking through the POM. to a friend.

You have to preset it.

Fake Call

Because you need an out

Discreetly send a fake phone call to your phone to get out of an awkward situation.

When you press and hold the POM (assuming it is preset) the POM will send a signal which initiates a incoming phone call to your phone. The phone call comes from POM and always from the same number. By taking the phone call you can get distance from the situation or excuse yourself because you have to take the call. 

Walking Escort

Because you feel uncomfortable walking alone 

Set the POM Safe app to act as a virtual walking escort. The app can alert help if you don’t make it to your destination.

The app will remind you to cancel the walking escort before it sends an alert out. 

Key Finder

Because you missplace your keys

When connected to the phone the POM Safe app acts like a key finder. When the POM is connected to your phone you can see how far away it is and you can let it ring. You can also see where the POM was connected to the phone for the last time. So you can go back to the spot and find it. 

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POM Enterprise

We have partnered with many companies to provide safety for their employees and/or campus members. Healthcare companies and Higher Education love our system.