POM Safety for Realtors Out In The Field

As a realtor, POM Safe gives you a personal safety protocol that allows you to focus your time with every client, whether you’re showing properties, meeting new people, or sharing information online.

Battery that lasts.

POM is designed to last up to 10 days between charges.

Discreet, Tough.

POM is designed to be as tough as you. Drop, dust and water resistant.

Built with Love.

We design and make POM in the USA. (New Jersey to be precise.)

Emergency Response In Seconds.

POM Safe gives you control of every situation. For emergencies, your POM will connect you to a POM Response dispatcher within a few seconds. Choose if you want this to be a 2-way loudspeaker conversation or silent mode where the dispatcher can just hear everything you hear.

Hi Jenney, this is Ashley. I Have Your Information and Location.

POM Safe is a redesign of the traditional emergency call. Save any information in your POM Safe app profile. This information is private and only shared with your POM Response dispatcher when you trigger your emergency call. POM Response dispatchers work directly with emergency services to save you time and allow you to focus on the situation at hand.

You’ve Always Got An Out.

Not every situation requires an alarm or emergency response. Like your best friend always standing by to help you out of awkward or potentially harmful situations, you can trigger your POM to call your phone, send you a text or message a friend. Excuse yourself when you need to.

Proactive Safety Features Built for Realtors Working In The Field

POM Enterprise plans come with extra features to tailor the POM system to your organization’s needs.

The tiny device that can.

Your POM connects to your phone via a secure Bluetooth connection that’s paired with your POM Safe app. Built to withstand the bangs, drops, knocks, and splashes that life throws at it, the little POM is packed with technology. Yet, to use it is simple. By tapping or holding the button, you have the control in your hand.

Take control of any situation.

You control how you want to control your POM using the POM Safe app to follow what happens when you command it. Generate a call to your phone that you need to answer, reply to the text that demands a response or call someone you specify. With POM, you have the tools to take control of your situation.

What Our Customers Say

Included With Subscription

24/7 Emergency Response

The POM Safe App for Android and iOS

Continuous System & App Upgrades

Walking Escort

Cancel Anytime

Send Location & Profile

Customer Support

Unlimited Auto Calls

Unlimited Auto Texts

Unlimited Fake Calls

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Renews monthly for $19.95

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$117 (includes POM & 12 month subscription)

Renews yearly for $117 (only $9.75 per month)

Save over 50% off the standard subscription when paid annually, and get the POM for free.


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