Built For Campus Safety

POM Safe provides a simple, quick access one-touch safety device for students on and off-campus.

POM Safe Overview


2 Way Emergency Call

Talk to an emergency dispatcher (your security team or our 24/7 Emergency Call Center). directly through the POM.

Sends Location & Profile

The POM sends your profile info and current location to emergency responders when an alert is activated.

Auto Call & Auto Text

The POM can send a prewritten text or automatically start a call at the touch of a button.

Fake Call

Get a fake call to your phone to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Key Finder

The POM can ring to help you find your keys.

Walking Escort

Set a virtual walking escort to make sure you arrive safely.

Mass Broadcast

Send a mass broadcast to all users instantly.

One Tap Connection Test

Tap the POM once for a vibration to check the connection.

+More Customizable Features

Create custom features specific to your needs.

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The POM Safe System

See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety

Tap the POM

three times (3x)

See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety

Talk to the dispatcher through the POM

Dispatcher gets your location

Dispatcher sees your profile 

See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety

Help arrives

at your location

What Our Customers Say

See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety

I consider this a better investment in our campus security infrastructure than throwing money at our blue light emergency phones.“

Michael Reiner

Director of Public Safety, Creighton University

Every parent I’ve talked to is so thankful that our college offers the upper echelon of personal safety in the POM.

Tom Breen

Director of Undergrad Admission, The Sage Colleges

It just makes you feel safe. You just hit a button and someone comes to help.

Mary Valentine

Student, Sage College

One way or another, if someone needs a service from us, they’re going to be calling us … directly on a phone or using this device. I would rather they use this device.

Raymond Bessette

Executive, Safety and Security, Husson College

It’s great having what is effectively the blue light system in your pocket.


Student, Guilford College

Success Stories

Here are a few select examples of POM Safe being used by students.

Lost & Found

In the first week of school, a group of freshman were partying in a city near campus. After a night out, the students couldn’t find their way back to campus and realized they were lost. One of the students tapped their POM and were connected with campus safety. The Dispatcher got their location and was able to guide them back to campus.

Medical Emergency

The POM was used during a medical emergency off-campus. A student started experiencing a panic attack, that included vomiting and shaking. She activated the POM and got in touch with 911 and Campus Safety. Campus Safety responded directly to her location and brought her to the hospital.

Off-Campus Mugging

A Student had just left campus and was walking downtown. She was approached by two strangers who demanded her wallet. She handed over her wallet and the thieves fled. Feeling totally afraid and not knowing what to do, the student pressed her POM for help. Campus safety was able to calm her down and take a statement for police.

Chemical Spill

On one occasion there was a chemical accident on campus. Students were able to notify Campus Safety with the POM before being affected by the  chemical fumes. Campus safety communicated with the students through the POM and directed the students to evacuate the area. A response team was then able to respond quickly to the area with pinpoint accuracy to avoid any serious injuries or damage. 

Assault and Attempted Murder

One harrowing example of POM’s effectiveness came from a mother in her mid thirties who helped distribute the POM on campus. The Air Force veteran liked the POM so much and wanted one for herself. Just one day after setting up her POM on August 25th, 2017, she was physically attacked by a man in her home. The man started to strangle her so she reached into her pocket and activated her POM which called 911 dispatch. The dispatcher’s voice came through the POM speaker and startled the attacker which caused him to flee. The attacker was later arrested and put in jail. In her own words, “the POM helped save my life.’’ She admitted there was no way she could have gotten to her phone to dial 911.

Student Feedback

One of our users shared her experience using the POM.

See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety

What’s your favorite POM feature?

“My favorite POM feature is being able to have my choice as to who I can reach out to if I’m in danger. The POM device provides me with more options to contact someone besides Public Safety if I am in need of help. Personally I have my mother as that contact and what I think is even better is the POM will send a text message to that person as well. So my mom and I have a code and if she receives that code she knows I need help.” 

 When do you normally use your POM?

“I use my POM all the time! It is on when I arrive to campus and I also use it when I go out as well with friends or even by myself. If I’m out by myself i feel so much safer with it device with me. It provides me and my family a piece of mind.”

What’s your favorite place to keep your POM (on your lanyard, keychain, bag etc)?

“I typically keep my POM device with my keys. My keys are always with me and so is my POM. “

How does POM improve your sense of personal safety?

“As stated before it definitely gives my family and I a piece of mind when I’m out and about away from their connection. I’m just a click away to safety.”

Why POM Safe?

Set Yourself Apart

In today’s world, safety is a top concern for prospective students and parents. Demonstrate your commitment to student safety from Day 1 by putting a POM in every hand.


Critical Information Fast

Once the POM is activated, Campus Safety sees GPS location, picture, medical information, emergency contacts and can listen in on the situation.

Promote Student Autonomy

College life can be a roller coaster. Give students the freedom to explore with confidence knowing help is always nearby.

Make A Splash!

Visible on and off campus, custom branding and school colors makes the POM a fun, unique gift students actually want. 90% of students renew every year!

Crowdsourced Crisis Management

Get live updates and key information from the community as incidents unfold, resulting in better, faster decisions.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Get set up in minutes on our cloud-based software. We’ll take care of all updates and maintenance.

See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety
See How POM Safe Can Improve You Campus Safety

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