The Unfortunate Reality of Crime Rates and Crime Near Me

A Comprehensive Guide to Crime Trends, How to Stay Safe in Our Vulnerable Times and Why Crime Near Me Has Become a Popular Google Search Trend Crime is just an unfortunate fact of life, as much as we try to get on with our lives, we should always be aware of the risks of the […]

Are you safe? Live Crime Data, No Fuss. Review Safest Cities Now.

Be Safe By Being Aware with Live Crime Report Data Here at POM Safe, we’re constantly evaluating better ways to improve personal safety against violent crimes and property crime. The reality is, all U.S cities present unique challenges in how we approach safety. Because Safety Begins With Awareness To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, the best […]

The COVID-19 Variant Tracker

Traveling during COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 variants are dominating news headlines. From the Delta variant to the newer Lambda variant, it’s hard to keep on top of the latest COVID-19 news. That’s why POM Safe is creating the COVID-19 Variant Tracker. Our tracker will help you stay up to date on news related to COVID-19 variants like Delta and Lambda.

What is the best personal alarm keychain for you?

Choosing a Personal Safety Alarm

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when choosing a personal protection device is the sheer amount of information available.  Often sorted according to a variety of criteria including size, noise level, triggering mechanism, daily habits, age, and so on, the number of options can be overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll explore the common types […]

The Need for Personal Protection Among Minority Nurses

Minority Nurse Checking Patient Blood Pressure

“What type of a horrible country do I live in? My son is sick so I want to see somebody else who doesn’t have brown teeth and speaks English then.” Back in 2017, a video made in an Ontario clinic went viral after a mother caused a scene, claiming there was “no white doctor in […]

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Personal Safety Device

About POM Safe - Empowering Personal Safety to Make the World a Safer Place For All

A personal safety device can give you peace of mind in various life situations, from working a night shift to jogging around your neighborhood to getting out of unpleasant situations that could arise when visiting a patient or during a campus party. And no matter how careful you are when choosing your surroundings, sometimes precaution […]

Who Needs a Personal Protection Device?

While outdoor sports have terrific benefits for one’s overall well-being, they are not a risk-free endeavor. Both runners and cyclists face medical and safety threats on their daily routes.

Personal protection devices are often used by people who either reside or work in areas with elevated risk of crime, or whose work involves, by nature, potentially hostile environments or night shifts. Oftentimes, people don’t consider getting a personal protection device until they or some of their friends or family members find themselves in a […]