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Enterprise Product

Our years of providing safety solutions have shown us that not all situations require an emergency response. POM Safe can help deter and de-escalate threats, with emergency response as the last resort.

POM Aware

Designed, made, and tested by POM Safe in the USA, the compact POM Smart Device can be attached to a keychain, put in a bag, or tucked into a pocket. It’s made of lightweight but durable plastic, with a button designed to avoid false alerts while also being easy to access. This button can activate a wide variety of features from a 2-way emergency call to sending a pre-written text and GPS information.

The device has a visible LED ring that gives device state feedback as well as active deterrence when triggered. Emergency dispatch calls can happen directly through the device’s 2-way speaker system—no phone required.

Power lasts up to 10 days between charges.

Control Built for Scale

POM Enterprise plans come with extra features to tailor the POM system to your organization’s needs.


Send important updates and notifications to all people directly to the POM Safe app.

Mass Broadcast

Quickly send out a mass text or message through the POM App in the event of an emergency.

Easily Manage Many Users

Create custom settings and safety plans and monitor your users in just one place.

Dispatch Response

Provide facility and campus onsite security teams with a comprehensive call center for POM emergency calls.

Appointment Manager

Let your staff check into and out of appointments by tracking and managing appointments on the in-app schedule.

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