Your personal safety device.

POM is your one-touch, instant-access to Albright College campus police or your friends and family, anytime, anywhere. Your Peace of Mind in the dorm, before class, at a party, after practice, anywhere.

How It Works

Help Is Only A Tap Away

Get Help From Anywhere

Call Campus Safety or your personal contacts at the push of a button.

Share Where and Who You Are

Send the location and your personal profile, including important medical information.

Reach Friends With One Tap

Tap the POM to discretely text friends and family for assistance or to let them know you’re OK.

Because our focus is centered on keeping our campus community members safe, the more options we have to make that happen the better. POM has been a great addition.

William J Anderson Director of Public Safety, Guilford College

What Can POM do?

Useful Features

Text Your Friends Send a silent text message to your closest friends with live GPS location. Sometimes the best response is a low-key one.

Fake a call Need to get out of an awkward situation? Use the POM to send a fake phone call to your phone and excuse yourself instantly. Crisis averted.

Find Your Keys See the last place you had your keys on a map and make it ring when you get close. No more key replacement fees!

Get Help Without Making a Sound

Send a silent alarm to campus safety so they can send the right assistance without tipping anyone off.

Hear Instructions in an Emergency

If school authorities declare an emergency on campus, you’ll get an audible alert through your POM, along with spoken directions about what to do to stay safe.

Use Your POM

When you or someone near you has a health emergency.

If you need a virtual safety escort

In case you get lost on campus and need help

Anytime you feel unsafe or physically threatened

If you see suspicious activity

If you witness a crime or a threatening situation

Get Started

Lifetime Subscription

$120 Billed Once
  • 1 POM device + annual service starting in September
  • Access to the POMCO College app on iTunes and Google Play
  • System upgrades and added features at no cost
  • Customer service and support

Get the POM

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