About POM Safe

Our focus is relentless as we work on empowering personal safety to make the world safer for all. Through community, awareness, and technology.


POM is dedicated to solving personal safety problems and providing peace of mind for all users. Our company was founded on the belief that we can do something greater to protect the people that we love. 

POM Safe Team - Emily, AJ and Lukas

A Message from AJ

Our loved ones deserve a smarter, more effective way of connecting with the help they need in an emergency.

We created the fastest, easiest, most reliable way of contacting emergency help, anytime, anywhere.

Andrew Leahy

Co-Founder & President

The POM Device



The POM is a sleek and compact button that attaches to a keychain, tucks away in a pocket or bag. It’s simple design is easy to use, and durable with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery.



Tap for Help

In the event of an emergency or uncomfortable situation. Simply tap the POM to alert help. You can tap three times to initiate an emergency alert or press and hold to alert friends and family in different, customizable ways.





Get Help Fast

Get help at the press of a button. A simple triple tap instantly connects you to a dispatcher who can get you the right help quickly. The dispatcher can see your location, profile information and any important medical information.


POM Command Center

The POM System uses a state-of-the-art dashboard to monitor POM alerts. When an alert is initiated, the dispatcher will be able to see the exact location of the alert, as well as key demographic information about the POM owner.



The Pom Safe App

The POM device is complemented by the simple-to-use POM Safe app. The app has a number of useful safety features that can be activated at the press of a button. These features can be customized by the user or organization depending on specific needs.


POM for Healthcare

Hospital staff, traveling nurses and home health aids can find themselves in threatening situations regularly. The POM provides a discreet and instant connection to emergency help with GPS location and audio recordings of the incident. Our platform can be customized for the unique needs of visiting nurses, care workers and administrators. 

POM for Universities,
Colleges & Schools

Keep your students safe with the POM system. Safety continues to be one of the biggest concerns for incoming students and their parents. Demonstrate your commitment to student safety and innovation by protecting your campus with the POM system.

POM for Offices &
Corporate Campuses

The POM system can keep your employees safe and supported to and from work and around the office. The POM provides employees with instant access to your security team or local police, sending live GPS location and profile information. Whether you’re a large corporate campus, a realtor, an Uber driver or just a daily commuter, the POM gets you the help you need fast. 



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