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Our loved ones deserve a smarter, more effective way of connecting with the help they need in an emergency.

We created the fastest, easiest, most reliable way of contacting emergency help, anytime, anywhere.

Andrew Leahy

Co-Founder & President

Our Vision

Peace of Mind Company is dedicated to solving personal safety problems and providing peace of mind for parents, students and families. Our company was founded on the belief that we can do something greater to protect the people that we love. The POM device is our first step in fulfilling that vision.

About The POM

The POM system is a faster, easier, more reliable way of connecting with the help you need. The POM is a keychain-sized device that instantly and discreetly connects with friends, family or the nearest emergency responders. No need to fumble for a phone, unlock it, and leaf through pages of apps or your contact list to call for help. One simple button push and you’re immediately talking with the right help and sending live GPS location and your personal profile.

The POM system enhances the safety and security of organizations by improving accessibility, connectivity and the quality of information exchanged between their community and security personnel. Designed with the mobile consumer in mind, the POM is compact, portable and convenient to attach to keys, lanyards, ID badges, and fits easily in a purse or pocket.

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