Mobile Protection Designed To Make Sure Nothing Happens.

Built to protect healthcare workers, college students, lone workers and executive personnel. POM Safe is the only solution designed for proactive protection as well as reactive in-the-moment response that is easy to use and as mobile as your people. 

Protect Your Business By Protecting Your people

Proactive + Reactive Mobile Safety

POM Safe provides the tools for your employees to stay safe and respond to any threatening situation with the POM Safe app and personal safety keychain alarm.

POM Safe Proudly Protects

POM Safe Protects Howard University Students and Staff
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Discreet Safe Button

Designed for ease of use. Lasts 10 days between charges, powerful two-way speaker system. Doesn’t require using the phone.

Situation Tools

Provides your people with various options. From decoy call, virtual escort with check-in, device locator and dispatch call.

Action Dashboard

The cloud based alert and dispatch system allows your team to have complete insight and control of ongoing activity.

24/7 POM Response

POM Safe provides 24/7 immediate response dispatch service, professionally trained to assist and summon police, fire and ambulance.

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Healthcare & Homecare

Effective Workplace Safety for Healthcare and Homecare Workers

POM Safe protects your staff against workplace violence. Show your staff you take their safety seriously and improve workforce retention.
10% of visiting nurses feel unsafe. Nurses who feel safe at work deliver the highest-value health care.
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Higher Education

Built For Campus Safety

POM Safe is a rethink of how to quickly and effectively handle emergency situations. POM Safe provides a simple, quick access one-touch safety device for students on and off-campus.

Corporate and Enterprise

Empower Your Workforce No Matter Where They Are

No matter where your people are, on the road, at home, or in the office, give them the tools to proactively stay safe.
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About POM Safe - Empowering Personal Safety to Make the World a Safer Place For All

POM Safe For Individuals

More Than a Self Defense Keychain

Don’t take your safety for granted. Get the smarter personal safety system, built for the challenges you face every day. At work and play.

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Interested in seeing how POM Safe can work as part of your workforce safety program? Let’s discuss your requirements and see how POM Safe can work for you.