Over the past four years, we’ve been on a mission to provide a smarter, more effective way to put safety at the touch of a button.

Until last year, we were exclusively focused on providing thousands of POM devices to college campuses and hospital systems. But in light of strong demand, we’re now making it available to the consumer market to give everyone an extra layer of protection.

For us, this mission is personal. In 2012, we lost a dear friend to a random act of violence, a tragedy that may have been avoided if they had fast, accurate, and discreet access to emergency responders.

POM Personal is equipped with all the key features that have made the POM an essential device among students and healthcare workers. Available on both monthly and yearly plans, it requires no setup beyond activation and an app download. From there, the direct path to emergency help is just a tap away.

We’re incredibly excited about this new chapter and look forward to providing you with an additional layer of safety through the POM, and to spreading some peace of mind together.