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POM is the go-to personal safety tool of healthcare workers, college students, and everyone living their life to the fullest.

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How POM Keeps You Safe

POM combines a physical safety device (POM 3) with an app (POM Safe) to give every individual the level of safety they need. The POM platform provides the ability to create safety protocols, while the physical device enables you to deter, de-escalate and dispatch help with just a tap.


Help is just a tap away with the third-generation POM, a sturdy little button that lasts for 10 days on a single charge. Attach it to a keychain or bag, or just tuck it into your pocket.

POM Safe

Expand your POM button's utility with features like decoy calls, a virtual escort with check-in, device locator, and two-way emergency dispatch calling.

POM Aware

Our cloud-based alert and dispatch system gives your team a complete overview—and control of—ongoing activity.

Direct Response

911 calls fail 40% of the time. So we created DirectEMS, which bypasses the crumbling national 911 system. Real emergencies require a real response—and DirectEMS provides that.

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Keep Your People Safe with POM

POM Safe is the only solution tested to provide proactive protection as well as reactive in-the-moment response. It's easy to use and just as on-the-go as your people.


Effective Workplace Safety for Healthcare and Homecare Workers

Legions of healthcare workers have put our product through its paces, so we know POM Safe can protect your staff against workplace violence. Show your staff you take their safety seriously and improve workforce retention.


Built For Campus Safety

We've rethought how to quickly and effectively handle emergency situations in higher ed. POM Safe provides a simple, easy-access, one-touch safety device for students on and off-campus.


Empower Your Workforce No Matter Where They Are

On the road, at home, or in the office—wherever your people are, give them the tools to proactively stay safe.


Take Control of Your Safety

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get the smarter personal safety system that has been tested for the challenges you face every day, at work and play.

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