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POM Has Your Back

Whether walking home from a night at the library or a night on the town, the POM is a silent guardian at your side.

Peace of Mind in More Ways Than One.

Sure, the POM can help save your life. But what else can it do?

Text Your Friends

Send a silent text message to your closest friends with live GPS location. Sometimes the best response is a low-key one.

Find Your Keys

See the last place you had your keys on a map and make it ring when you get close. No more key replacement fees.


Wanna get away? Use the POM to place a fake phone call and excuse yourself from an awkward situation.

Emergency Call

When activated, the POM can call Campus Safety or 911. Campus Safety can receive your location and profile information.

Silent Alarm

The POM can also call Campus Safety silently. It will not make any noise but the responder will hear everything and can come help when needed.

Attractive & Compact Design

Our current users describe the POM as small, compact and cute. That is why 95% of the existing users are still carrying the POM.

No Phone, No Problem

The POM can message nearby smartphones running the POM app to get an alert out, even if your phone’s dead.

Walking Escort

Set a destination and the POM will walk home with you. If you don’t arrive in time, the authorities will automatically be notified.

Mass Broadcast

Campus police can send critical information audibly through the POM’s speakers. If a crisis happens, you will be the first to know.

If you don’t want to call public safety, you can call your best friend instead.

Student, University of North Alabama

I use it to find my keys at least once a week.

Student, Guilford College

It has a solution for every situation. It’s like a modern day Swiss Army Knife for college kids.

Student , Randolph Macon College

The POM is my new BFF. I take it everywhere.

Student, Sage College

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